Thursday, September 6, 2012

Using PA MarketMaker to Market Your Business (part 3)

Continuing on in the MarketMaker series, today I'm going to talk about using PA MarketMaker to search for a business or product. This is an important feature for both consumers and food business owners. For example, a consumer can find a pumpkin patch in their area and a cattle rancher could find a processor for his beef.

1. To search for a product or business, click on a business type from the dropdown box under the Farmers, Fisheries, and Businesses section of the Pennsylvania MarketMaker homepage, located in the center of the page. Then, choose a search distance of “PA” or a mileage range from a specific zip code. Click “Search” to continue.

2. On the Results page, you will see businesses matching your criteria on the right and can view their location on the map in the center of the page. If you are looking for more advanced search results, you can narrow your search by clicking on the available options in the “Select By,” “Select a Category,”and “Select a Subcategory” tabs.

3. To view the profiles of the businesses in your search, either click on the business name in the Results section or the orange and blue dots on the map.

4. To start a new business search, simply click on the “Begin New Business Search” button located in the upper middle of the page.

That's it! Now you can perform a search for a business or product anytime you need. In the my next post, I'll write about how to use the Buy & Sell Forum.

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