Friday, June 25, 2010

Can new packaging get customers excited about your product?

Pizza boxes are pretty much the same no matter what restaurant you go to. A new design though may change people's view of the "standard pizza container". A company called Environmentally Conscious Organization, Inc (ECO Inc) has developed a pizza box that can be broken into 4 plates and a leftovers box. The video below shows how this box, better known as the GreenBox, is used.

The GreenBox hasn't yet hit the market, but it has already gotten many people excited. In April 2009, posted an article about the GreenBox. According to (a social networking site that allows users to bookmark websites and send them to friends), the GreenBox article has been Dugg (or shared) more than any other article in the history of the site.

As an agricultural entrepreneur, have you changed (or thought about changing) your packaging recently? How has this affected sales? Have customers asked for more eco-friendly packaging? If there was a great social media buzz about a new type of packaging available for a product you produce, would this affect your decision-making in packaging choices?

As a consumer, do you think the GreenBox is an innovative design? Would you like to see more packaging designed like this? Would you choose a restaurant specifically because they use GreenBoxes?

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