Friday, July 9, 2010

Selling your ag products to the Muslim market

As an ag entrepreneur, there are many, many different niche markets to explore. Religious beliefs can play a big part in product choices for many Americans, and you as an entrepreneur may see this as an opportunity to market your product. According to the article "Tapping the Growing Muslim-American Market", Muslim-Americans are an under-served audience.

There are an estimated 6 to 8 million Muslims in America with an estimated market value of about $200 billion. When purchasing products, a major concern for Muslims is Halal certification. Halal means "what is permitted" in Arabic and can include food as well cosmetics,personal care, and cleaning products. Muslims may only consume goods and services which are Halal. Some estimates show that 70% of all Muslims worldwide follow Halal principles. To learn more about what Halal means and how to obtain Halal certification, please download this publication.

Lisa Mabe, principal of Hewar Social Communications, a digital marketing agency in Washington D.C., describes marketing to Muslim-Americans. "When companies target the Muslim community in their marketing communications, we see them flock to engage with that brand -- not only to purchase its products, but to become loyal brand advocates."

As an ag entrepreneur, are you looking for new niche markets? Have you explored marketing your products to Muslims? If you currently market to Muslims, how would you describe the Halal certification process? Has Halal certification grown your customer base?

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