Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pinterest + MarketMaker + Strawberries = Prizes

In February, Jeff wrote a post about using Pinerest to market your business. Have you tried out this social media site yet? If not, go check it out-- it's a very interesting way to share photos and drive traffic to your site.

If you decide that Pinterest is right for your business, measuring the impact of your Pinterest presence is key. How much traffic and customers did you generate? What kinds of images are most popular (i.e. what gets the most re-pins, likes, and comments?)?

With strawberry season almost here, PA MarketMaker wants to help Pennsylvania agricultural businesses make a splash online by showcasing delicious foods made with Pennsylvania strawberries on Submissions will be pinned to the “PA MarketMaker Pinterest Contest” Pinboard, which can be found at, where consumers from around the globe may see your recipe and learn about your business.

All MarketMaker businesses and the general public are invited to submit a strawberry recipe and photo of the finished product. Submissions can be sent to Full details about the contest including rules and prizes can be found on the PA MarketMaker site.

Good luck!

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