Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Getting people to "see" your brand on Twitter

If you have used Twitter, you know that there is a very small amount of space for you to post (only 140 characters). To show a picture, you must include a link or use a third-party photo app like Instagram, Twitpic, or yfrog. To get people to click on your picture, you need to create a description that catches readers' attention, all in 140 characters or less. Sounds a little daunting, but it can be done!

Some tips on creating a better visual of your brand from an article posted on with examples created for my fake business "DJM428 Cheesesteaks":

1. Twitter voice should be consistent and relevant. Try to keep the same person as the main Tweeter so that your Twitter account has the same style and voice. When composing tweets, they should be descriptive and relevant. Explain as much about the product (in 140 characters or less) and then add a picture.

2. Favor native images. As I mentioned above, third-party photo apps allow you to attach a picture right in your tweet. The reader just needs to click on the embedded link and the picture will show up in the feed. This is much more useful than just adding a link because it doesn't force your users to open another screen to see the picture (which might deter some readers). Research the different photo apps and how they work on mobile devices. Some work differently than others in how they display images.

3. Pageviews are paramount. As always, you want readers to visit your website. Be sure to frequently link back to your website so that readers can see all that you have going on. In doing so, don't be vague. Links with little or no description discourage readers from clicking.

What to do:

What not to do:

As an ag business owner, how do you use Twitter? How many followers do you have? How do your customers respond to your tweets? What advice would you give another ag business owner who is thinking about tweeting?

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