Friday, April 15, 2011

Surveys of mid-Atlantic consumers conducted by Penn State researchers part 10

Are you curious as to why people buy organic produce? Continuing with the research conducted by Penn State on consumer purchasing behaviors, reasons why people buy organics was specifically studied.

A series of questions asked participants to indicate their certified-organic purchasing behaviors including whether or not they purchased certified-organic fruits and vegetables. Participants who responded “Yes” to this question (34.2%) were then prompted to answer two additional questions: a) how frequently they purchased certified-organic fruits and vegetables and b) for what reasons they decided to purchase certified-organic, as opposed to purchasing conventional options. The majority of participants who reported purchasing certified-organic fruits and vegetables either made these purchases 2 to 3 times per month (30.7%) or once per week (29%).

Additionally, when participants who reported purchasing certified-organic produce were asked if a given “concern” encouraged them to purchase such produce, as opposed to purchasing conventionally-grown produce, a variety of concerns appeared to impact their purchasing decision. For each of the concerns presented, participants responded that they “Agree” to “Somewhat Agree” that the individual concern positively influenced their decision to purchase certified-organic fruits and vegetables. For example, participants responded that when making a fruit or vegetable purchasing decision, they “Agreed” that the “impact of pesticides on the environment” concerned them (see graph below).

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As an ag entrepreneur (selling conventional produce), what does this information mean to you? If you are selling organics, how does this information align with what you hear from your customers?

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