Friday, March 25, 2011

Surveys of mid-Atlantic consumers conducted by Penn State researchers part 9

Continuing in the research done by Penn State on the topic of consumer purchasing behaviors, today's post is going to focus on snacking habits of survey respondents.

1,567 total participants from mid-Atlantic metropolitan areas were surveyed on what types of food products they purchased, where they purchased these products, and what factors may have affected their purchasing behaviors. Two particular questions asked participants to indicate from what types of retailers they primarily purchase snacks for themselves and members of their household, and also how many times they snack during an average day.

A majority of participants (64.5%) primarily purchased snacks for themselves and members of their household at grocery stores/supermarkets, with the next largest clusters of participants choosing to purchase snacks from supercenters (11.6%) and warehouse clubs (10.3%). Additionally, the majority of participants (70.4%) reported snacking 1-2 times per day on average, with another 17.5% reported snacking 3 times per day on average.

To read more about the research, check out the press release.

As an ag entrepreneur, how does this research affect you? Do you sell any of your products in easy-to-grab packaging? If you don't, would you consider making snack-size options available?

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