Monday, June 15, 2009


Just this past week, Microsoft has unveiled a new search engine called Bing ( which they are calling a decision engine. According to Microsoft, "Bing is specifically designed to build on the benefits of today's search engines but begins to move beyond this experience with a new approach to user experience and intuitive tools to help customers make better decisions, focusing initially on four key vertical areas: making a purchase decision, planning a trip, researching a health condition, or finding a local business."

As a frequent search engine user, you know (as do I) how most searches are getting to the point of information overload. A recent study by comScore ( a market research company that "provides marketing data and services to many of the internet's largest businesses") revealed that 30% of searches are deserted without a suitable result. Also, comScore discovered that over 65% of searches require a refinement (or requery) on the results page (please see the first link below to watch a video about Bing).

What does this new search engine have to do with you, the ag entrepreneur? Microsoft's research showed that users wanted more help in making decisions with shopping, travel, local businesses, and health. As an ag entrepreneur, you can take this opportunity to add your product/business/service to the Bing Local Listing Center (please check the second link below which will describe how to create a listing for your business). When a Bing user searches for your business, the search results with display driving directions, a 3D aerial view of your business, customer reviews, and more information if it applicable like hours of operation, web pages, email address, payment methods, type of cuisine, languages spoken, parking options, etc.

Bing video

Creating your own Bing listing

Building a web presence is an important part of marketing. Customers are demanding more information about the products and services they use. As an ag entrepreneur, what types of internet marketing are you using? Do you believe Bing (or any other search engine) will bring more customers to you? What are customers saying about your web presence (is it easy or hard to find info on your business)?

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