Thursday, November 13, 2008

Smart Choices Program

When you hear 'new nutrition guidelines', what is the first thing that pops into your head? For me, I think 'new government regulations'. Surprisingly, the newest nutrition guidelines are being implemented voluntarily by many major food producers.

What exactly are these new nutrition guidelines? The Keystone Center, a non-profit organization specializing in creating solutions to public health problems, unveiled a voluntary front-of-package nutrition labeling system called the Smart Choices Program on Oct 27.

The Smart Choices Program includes a front-of-package symbol that identifies more nutritious choices within specific product categories. The label also provides calories per serving and servings per container. The goal of the program is to help consumers stay within their daily calorie needs.

Some of the major proponents of this new labeling system include Coca-Cola, ConAgra, General Mills, Kelloggs, Kraft, Pepsi, Unilever, and Walmart. How do you feel about this new label? Will this change America's eating habits? Is this just another piece of clutter to add to packaging? Would you want to voluntarily put this label on your product?

Smart Choices Program article

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