Friday, January 21, 2011

Surveys of mid-Atlantic consumers conducted by Penn State researchers part 4

In the continued Penn State research, consumers in metropolitan areas of the mid-Atlantic were surveyed on what types of food products they purchased, where they purchased these products, and what variables have affected their purchasing behaviors.

Survey respondents were asked to indicate which products they would be more likely to purchase if the product did or did not have a certain label (i.e. natural, certified-organic, locally grown, sustainably grown, green). There was an upward trend in both education and income levels indicating that they would still purchase products without the given labels.

To read more about this topic, go to the Mid-Atlantic Specialty Crops website and click "Newsroom".

Why are consumers of higher income levels and education responding this way? It may be because these consumers are choosing products because of other aspects besides the primary label. For example, these consumers may be less influenced by claims made by the product's primary label but more interested in the ingredient list.

As an ag entrepreneur, what do you think about this research? Do you have any of the above mentioned labels on your product? How do you think these labels are perceived by consumers of higher income and education?

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