Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Can YouTube be used to help you market your ag. business? Part II

As with other social networking sites, it is necessary for an agricultural business to post frequently, though the number of videos produced may increase and/or decrease based on the seasonality of the business. To tie-in with other social networking tools you may be using, consider posting a video based on content posted in a blog, Facebook, Twitter, or other social network. Don’t forget to let consumers know when a new video available by sending them emails, placing an announcement on your website, putting a sign in your retail outlet, and posting on your other social networks.

YouTube can serve as a marketing and customer relationship tool for agricultural businesses. Since many people respond to visuals and absorb more information through their eyes than their ears, it has been suggested that “video is much more engaging than text” and it is possible that consumers will remain on a website for a longer period of time if video is available for them to watch ( Whether videos are created to promote a business, new products for the season, helpful tips, or how-to’s, posting videos on YouTube is just another creative way to reach current and potential customers and inform, remind, and persuade them to purchase your goods and services. Allowing consumers to view videos you produce adds another dimension to your website or emails.

As intimidating as posting a video on YouTube may be, consult the YouTube help pages where you can find videos and directions on numerous topics ranging from capturing sound to compressing video. Other resources can be found online through keyword searches. Once a process is developed, the number of videos and the content is only limited by your imagination.

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