Thursday, April 2, 2009

Candy sales up in a down economy

In hard economic times, it seems consumers are cutting back on spending, and businesses are hurting. So how does that explain increasing candy sales?

“It seems that people will treat themselves to something small like a little bit of candy,” says Margaret Allender, owner of the Nashville Candy Store. She has seen a 20% increase in sales this year.

Amanda Weiss, owner of Mandy’s Candy in Ellettsville, IN, says that customers “need those pick-me-ups during these times.” Her sales have increased 30% this year and has seen a flood of new customers.

When people are faced with tough economic times, indulgences seem to be cut from expenses, but they are still looking for relaxation/stress relievers. So instead of that spa treatment or trip to the mall, a few pieces of candy seems to be a cheap indulgence over pricier things.

Candy sales article

As a consumer, do you feel that you have been forced to cut spending in this economy? Have you chosen to replace indulgences with cheaper substitutions (like candy)? As a business owner, how have your sales been affected? Do you sell any “cheap indulgences” and have seen an increase in sales in these items?

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