Monday, March 23, 2009

How do you turn negative comments about your business idea into opportunities?

Becoming an entrepreneur is no easy task. You will spend countless hours honing your business idea and plan, but your dream can easily be crushed by a negative reaction.

"There will always be people who question your strategies and abilities,"says Romanus Wolter, author of "Kick Start Your Success". It's easy to become aggravated by these negative comments, but you must remember that these negative comments can be learning experiences because there are always chunks of truth in what is said. Wolter also states that "every situation has the potential to uncover hidden opportunities to grow your business and shed new light on how to overcome challenges. Your adeptness at tapping into these opportunities can open the door to your next strategic breakthrough."

Wolter's points to remember in turning negative comments into opportunities:
1. Catch yourself. Being confrontational suppresses people who have unique ideas.
2. Recognize that, more often than not, people want to help you succeed. People may not know how to give constructive criticism. Help them to feel like they are part of your business's success.
3. Be open to unorthodox ideas. Don't dismiss an idea just because it sounds unusual.
4. Always remember that you're the business owner. Write down people's ideas, but don't feel obligated to apply them.
5. Confirm your direction with successful people. Discussing your ideas with other successful businesspeople promotes creative problem solving.

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Are you developing a business idea? How have you dealt with negative reactions so far? Have you been severely discouraged? Have you discussed your idea with other successful business owners?

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