Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Popular Flavors of 2009

Are you ready to try new flavors? Mintel International (a global consumer, product, and market research company) is predicting 2009's most popular flavors will favor exotic fruits and soothing tastes with a hint of spice. Lynn Dornblaser, Mintel's leading new product expert, predicts that "Today's manufacturer is looking for...tastes and aromas that...capture shoppers' imaginations. By adding exotic fruits and unusual ingredients to everyday products, companies give people the opportunity to experiment...without breaking the bank."

These new flavors include persimmon, starfruit, lavendar, cactus, chimichurri, peri-peri, and masala. How do you feel about these new flavors? Would you try adding them to your current products to give them an updated taste? Or, do these flavors seem too odd to add to your product line?

There seems to be a trend toward ingredients that take on a "natural" quality. Have you added any natural ingredients to your products recently? What are some natural ingredients you would like to see more frequently in products?

Food Trends article

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